14 Good Reasons To Visit Germany

The most famous dish and a favorite for everyone is fried chicken, and usually half of the chicken is served. There are also pork hams and, of course, sausages from Munich – Weisswurst. Every year the festival is visited by more than 6 million Germans and this holiday has a huge scope and is the largest holiday in the world.

In this land of Riesling you will pass many castles, picturesque medieval towns and miles of vineyards. Be sure to stop in towns like Rüdesheim, Bacharach, and St. Goarshausen. These are just some of the reasons to visit Germany on your next trip. However, there is so much in this beautiful destination that you will ask for more.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria is the most important tourist site of medieval Germany and attracts visitors from all over the world. However, you can also learn about the history and legacy of villages, towns and villages. You need to make extensive preparations and mark the calendar for the annual celebrations if you want to participate in Germany’s traditional holidays. Oktoberfest, which takes place in Munich, is a well-known celebration. From the last week of September to the first week of October, a two-week folk festival is held.

Germany, Europe’s seventh largest nation, is located in the center of the continent. Since Germany is surrounded by 9 borders and you can choose from 9 options to cross after visiting Germany, it is the perfect place viaggi oktoberfest to start your journey through Europe. Germany won’t disappoint you if you love the outdoors and hiking. It is famous for its varied landscapes ranging from cliff mountains to rolling plains and dense forests.

Described as the most liberal city in the world, the singularity is celebrated throughout the city and residents live with a non-judgmental outlook on life. This welcoming and relaxed atmosphere is clearly visible throughout the city and visitors love it. After spending too much time with our glass of wine, we hurried back to Speyer train station for our scheduled return to Frankfurt.

It is usually a two-week folk festival held at the end of September until the first week of October, where large amounts of beer can be consumed; Enjoy traditional cuisine and amusement parks. Initially, electronic music was born in the United States, or rather, in Detroit, but there was no development. But it was Germany that gave life and a second breath of electronic music, creating many directions and a path for artists.

However, I have to admit that even if you’re not drinking, communal beer gardens are a great place to relax, eat a hearty meal, and connect with other people. When I first booked my trip to Germany, I was very excited for several reasons unrelated to Oktoberfest. My family heritage is German, so I was excited to see this country and learn so much more about myself.

Another reason to go to Germany is because the country is incredibly diverse. Germany was not formally united until 1871 and therefore has many regions to explore in depth. However, be sure to validate all your tickets for both intercity trains and city-specific metros. You will have to pay a hefty fine if you do not validate your tickets. Although heartbreaking, I recommend visiting at least one concentration camp in Germany. I made a trip to Dachau from Munich, and the harrowing visit confirmed for me how important it is for all of us to stand up against hatred and intolerance.

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