The Best Platforms And Blog Sites To Consider Using

They start at $ 13 / month for 2 GB bandwidth and 3 GB of storage plus the ability to connect a custom domain . Top plans add more bandwidth and storage, free domains, apps, the ability to create an online store and remove ads. WordPress is an open source blog platform, which means it is free to use. However, to configure it you need a domain name ($ 10 / year) and web hosting ($ 4 / month). In addition, you may want to spend money on premium themes and plugins that give your blog more flexibility.

Blogger is a Google service, so users must have a Google account and can find redundant or useless Google-related plugins for their blog. It is also one of the blog platforms that many bloggers grow from when they learn more about rahki giovanni blogging as it does not have an upgrade option. Another suitable platform for those who have blog experience is, with free software and accessories that allow you to create a favorite blog based on your style.

If you plan to create a blog, but you don’t want to get in trouble hosting, developing and implementing it yourself, consider creating a blog on one of the free blog platforms listed below. These services offer a variety of features and are generally provided with free, paid subscriptions. The platform you choose to blog on can have a big impact on your overall content marketing strategy, so choose wisely. is a hosted version of the open source platform It is a commercial project that offers a free trial plan with updates for premium plans and custom domains.

The idea of blogging content again can also be unattractive to bloggers, especially if you’re a blog material that wants full control over copyright and other similar protections. Typepad is a blog platform that provides a user-friendly interface for novice and experienced bloggers. The platform offers a wide variety of topics to choose from, as well as plugins to create your own blog.

Many popular bloggers use this platform to create highly functional and profitable blogs. It’s easy to configure: all you have to do is select a trusted WordPress hosting provider, install WordPress software and explore the myriad features. You can build your blog the way you want, using previously designed free themes. There are templates to choose from based on their favorite design, appearance and color scheme. You can make money on this platform as one of the best blogging sites to make money with its unique SEO features. You can make money with Google Adsense and they have ad placement and money making facilities through affiliate marketing and product sales, as you can on your blog.